Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Birthday Party

The stage was set for our 'Sunshine' party.

The guests had arrived...all in their favorite yellow....

with cameras in tow.

My toes were the exception. They were in honor of when I had them painted blue for his birth.

It looked like Christmas morning!

Luke was a little overwhelmed...

until silly Daddy made him laugh :0)

Time to enjoy the presents.

Dinner also centered around the yellow & orange theme...Eggs, pancakes, oranges, pineapple, orange juice,...

He didn't want to wear his hat for long.

This was his first taste of cake. Maybe I should have made it with sweet potatoes :0)

Who needs cake when you have milk?!

Most of us wrote letters for Luke to open on his 18th birthday. I hope to add 3 more to this pile know who you are :0)

It is amazing how much he changed in the first year!!! God saw us through a lot!


Grampa said...

It was so fun being at Luke's FIRST birthday (and second)! We are very thankful for baby Luke and always pray that the Lord will bless him to be a Godly young man. We love you THIS much!

Grammie said...

We love you very much, Luke! God is sooo good!!