Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Birthday Party

The stage was set for our 'Sunshine' party.

The guests had arrived...all in their favorite yellow....

with cameras in tow.

My toes were the exception. They were in honor of when I had them painted blue for his birth.

It looked like Christmas morning!

Luke was a little overwhelmed...

until silly Daddy made him laugh :0)

Time to enjoy the presents.

Dinner also centered around the yellow & orange theme...Eggs, pancakes, oranges, pineapple, orange juice,...

He didn't want to wear his hat for long.

This was his first taste of cake. Maybe I should have made it with sweet potatoes :0)

Who needs cake when you have milk?!

Most of us wrote letters for Luke to open on his 18th birthday. I hope to add 3 more to this pile know who you are :0)

It is amazing how much he changed in the first year!!! God saw us through a lot!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy 1 Year Birthday

Luke turned 12 month's old on Feb. 27th, 2010.  Here are some things that happened during his 12th month of life that you haven't seen yet:
  • Ate some of a graham cracker and a strawberry melt!
  • Recognized the word wave while watching his video (waved before they said the word).
  • Starting eating 'big people' applesauce (with sugar), broccoli, & peaches.
  • Started saying uh? He would look at the cd player when it would stop playing music between songs and say uh? He also did it when his new walking toy (Harry) stopped playing music.
  • Started crying when we took something away from him.  He became really good at turning his cry on & off. He could be really upset & then be perfectly fine 5 seconds later.
  • Started moving fingers on both hands back and forth real fast... kind of like a come here sign. Daddy says he does his hands like that to Luke.
  • Reduced rice to 4 tsps. with 3 ozs. of milk & 10 tsps. with 5 ozs. of milk.
  • First time at Best Buy. We went to look for a Valentine's gift for daddy. Daddy was so sad that he wasn't the one to take him.
  • Really started wanting me, especially when we were around other people.
  • Started talking a lot again. He had just been grunting for a couple of weeks (after saying da da). Then he started saying ba ba a lot. He didn't say it when he saw his bottle, it was just his word at the time.
  • Found the toilet paper. I was in there so he was only able to unroll it a little bit :0)
  • Started pointing (mainly at the light & fan). A few days later he started pointing at everything.
  • Really drank from a cup. He didn't like it, but he actually closed his mouth on it/sucked.
  • Started whole milk. Just 1 oz. at the 7 am feeding only.
  • Was dismissed from the genetic doctor! He said Luke was doing great and we could contact him if we ever wanted to.

Started taking just 1 nap a day.  He had been fussy/talking for one or both of his naps for several weeks.  I think this was sooner than normal to cut out the morning nap, but it was going to be SOOOOO much better for him & us, if he could get 1 good nap.

He sure did have some tired eyes at lunch time....
This was day 2.

Had some precious eating those hands on the ears!  Daddy was able to get him to start holding the bottle on his own sometimes. He would let him hold his ears to start, then move his right hand down to hold it.

He closed his bedroom door.  When I opened it, he seemed rather proud :0)

Started going back to the library.  Since he only took 1 nap a day, we could go to the 9:30 hour.

Enjoyed cuddle time before bed.

Was really busy helping with housework!

Put away his mobile. He had already broken it once from standing up and pulling on it. When he first started standing up with his braces on he would scream, then he didn't care. The only 'toy' left in his crib is the sunshine.

Rode in the big seat of the grocery cart for the first time (as compared to in the car seat).

Had fun playing!

Was sooo cute!